Monday 12 May 2014

"Sleb" update...

I've reached the end of the story!

80,301 words.

I edit as I write, so I've essentially completed the story while also sitting at third draft standard. Next up is to go right back to page one and re-read the whole book and tidy up the earlier chapters to help the flow fit-in better with the mid-to-late sections once I had found my groove.

There's a few specific things I want to insert here and there as well, and then there'll be some final tweaks, so it'll be as a fifth or sixth draft once things are done (in addition to the several drafts the story underwent in screenplay form).

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It has been a great experience writing the novelisation of my screenplay "Sleb". I've been able to explore the world in much greater detail and I've learned even more about writing. In some ways it has been a steep learning curve, and in other ways it has been a freeing experience. One of the things I like most is that I can write anything - absolutely anything - with no restrictions to take into account (e.g. budget, location, etc). Anything can happen in the story, and in order to tell it I just have to rely on myself to put fingers-to-keyboard and type.

They say to 'write something that you would want to read' and I've certainly done that. It's got some darkly comic scenarios, a sardonic tone, but it's also got a sense for the ridiculous, and a good heart underneath all the preposterous chaos that is the world of celebrity. It's a thriller with a breezy style, and I care about the characters that I have created. Some of them go through hell, some of them do awful things, some of them ... well, that would be telling ... but I'm very pleased with how it has all come together.

I'm looking forward to getting it out on the market via Amazon Kindle. I'm sure there'll be some new things to learn on that front (converting the document for the platform and making sure it all looks as it should, for example), and there's plenty to do in terms of spreading the word (more on that later), but right now - a few days away from it before heading back into the fray for tweaks.

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