Wednesday 28 May 2014

YouTube Finds: May 2014...

Every now and then I like to share a few videos that I've rather enjoyed in the previous several weeks, and being that blogging has been a bit light recently, here's some YouTube videos that tickled my fancy of late:

Celebrites Read Mean Tweets:

Does what is says on the tin.

David Lynch: Making "The Big Dream":

I love the man's work, and this is a pretty cool ten minute look at the creative process behind the scenes of Lynch's latest musical effort.

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Video World: The Death of a Video Store:

I have very fond memories from throughout my childhood and formative years of going into the video rental shop and picking out a new title, or something from the back catalogue, so this short documentary is both a nostalgic treat and a sad reminder of a significant shift in home video viewing culture.

Mick Garris on Critters 2:

The director talks about the horror comedy sequel as part of 'Trailers From Hell'.

Cat Boarding:

10 seconds of joy from a nonchallant cat.

Romano Duets:

American comedian/talk show host Pete Holmes (he of the College Humour Batman videos) does an impersonation of Ray Romano singing classic songs ... with the actual Ray Romano.

Crack The Surface: Episode 1:

A short documentary (there's also a second part) about Urban Exploration. Fascinating stuff.

Back to the Future "Doc & Marty!" Supercut:

What were their names again?

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