Saturday 7 February 2015

Life After Death (2013)

A five part series of educational short films covering the various philosophical theories and perspectives on the subject of Life After Death.

In part it was quite tough to visualise something which, generally speaking, you cannot experience in such a definitive way as to come back and tell everyone about it. Indeed, the nature of life after death - or if it even exists - is the subject of much varied opinion. The most interesting segment to create, for me, was a sequence detailing the story of the 'Enfield Poltergeist'. Similar to the third film in the Problem of Evil series, in which we shot a segment based on "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fydor Dostoyevski, we had to craft a piece in a short time with just what we had around us - and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Below you will find more information about the series, including short video clips from each film.

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Series Synopsis

Film One: Introduction
Ever since Neolithic times human beings have believed that death does not necessarily mark the end of existence. This film takes us on a journey through the ages to the present day introducing monist, dualist and materialist views about life after death.

Film Two: The Resurrection
From the Maccabean Uprising, to the disciples' experience of Jesus’ Resurrection, this film explores the monist conceptions on which belief in Resurrection are based. From St Paul to John Hick, philosophers have offered explanations whilst others have shot them down. This film leaves no stone unturned.

Film Three: Immortality of the Soul
Beliefs that the soul is distinct from the body are explored in this film about dualism. The idea that the 'soul lives on' is a widely held, almost instinctive belief - but on what can it possibly be based? Is there a 'ghost in the machine' directing our path through life?

Film Four: Reincarnation & Rebirth
Have we lived before? Are we destined to live again? Representing key sacred texts this film explores Hindu and Buddhist perspectives as well as investigating philosophical objections to the idea of the transmigration of the soul.

Film Five: Parapsychology
Are Near Death Experiences and paranormal activity hints of what may lie beyond? Or are they the delusional products of our ingenious brains? Drawing no conclusions this film brings together all the various strands and while viewers may be less certain, they will be better equipped to think intelligently about a subject that continues to fascinate today.

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