Wednesday 6 January 2016

"A Sideline In Vengeance" is underway...

After getting the bulk of the planning done during December (and a little bit of last minute tinkering in the first few days of 2016), I've started writing my new screenplay called "A Sideline In Vengeance".

It's a conspiracy thriller inspired by some dark and twisted stories that have been hitting the headlines in the UK over the last couple of years...

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More recently I've been focusing on writing a variety of short stories, novelettes, novellas, and novels - with redrafts of some of the completed screenplays I've got in my 'writing bank' (the sort of things you'd pull out for new competitions, open submissions, or conversations including a comment that goes along the lines of "So what else do you have?") thrown in for good measure - so it's a nice change of pace to return to the punchy, brevity-is-king world of screenwriting.

I've learned an awful lot about writing of late, much of it coming from the sheer volume of text and invention required of the aforementioned short stories, novels, and all that's in-between. The things I've learned have ranged from clarity of vision and seeking the unexpected, all the way to the somewhat abstract idea of a writer's stamina.

Hopefully what I've learned will see me well on this new journey into a brand new story featuring characters and deeds most complex and devious.

To read some of my recent stories (available in eBook and paperback formats) follow the links below for more information:

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