Thursday 19 July 2018

FWOAN - the V.R. Experience...

Following on from our charity screening in May - during which we raised £350 for OCD Action - we have now released a Virtual Reality experience which takes place inside the world of Marty, the protagonist in the film. A representative from OCD Action came along on the day and has done a write-up of the event, as well as the V.R. experience, with a selection of pictures.

Check out the article HERE.

The V.R. experience can be viewed on YouTube and gives you a glimpse inside Marty's world, featuring clips from the film as well as some facts about OCD to help give a clearer picture about the condition. The V.R. experience also features a version of a pivotal scene in the film featuring Lisa Opara as Sally, which we get to see from Marty's POV.

Check out the V.R. experience HERE.

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