Sunday, 16 September 2018

FWOAN Festivals Update...

Just a quick bit of festival-related news for our short film "For Want Of A Nail" while our producer Ali has been busy working on a feature film.

Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (Semi-Finalist, 2018)

Los Angeles FEEDBACK Female Film Festival (2018)

LAFFFF brings up the issue of women in film, and in the case of FWOAN in addition to Ali, our producer who captained the ship from the get-go, we had women - chosen on merit or previous working relationships - filling the roles of: Director, Actors (both supporting roles were female), Director of Photography, Art Director, Assistant to the Art Director, 2nd Assistant Director, Costume Supervisor, Catering (two), Make-Up Artist, as well as our contacts at the charities OCD Action and Mind, and last but not least our Runner/Art Dept Assistant who was one of three young adults who were on-set gaining valuable work experience.

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