Tuesday 31 March 2009

Script update...

"From The Inside Out" continues apace - the first draft of the first act is done, and I'm now going back over what I've written so far - I initially added a bit more to the end of act one, then headed back to the start where I added a whole page to the opening scene, which I thought needed more meat from the off.

At this very moment it's at 22 pages, so it's a much leaner script than my last one - the zombie epic called "The End" - but I was always planning to make this latest script far leaner, especially as it's designed for a low budget (like I've spoken about previously) - at least, that's the intention.

I'll probably slow down for a spell though, as I've got educational DVD stuff to be getting on with, but aye - the script is going well so far.

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