Wednesday 1 April 2009

Random Rockstar North letter sending!

So yesterday I sent a letter off to Rockstar North - why, you're probably asking - well, I was thinking about what I'd want out of a new GTA game, and ended up coming up with a whole list of things and figured - rather than just jabber on about it on "teh intarwebz", bugger it, I'll send a letter to Rockstar North.

You never know, they might just say "hey, that was cool, have this [insert something awesome]" - hehe, daft I know, but fuck it - why not contact them? It's the cost of a stamp, maybe someone might be impressed with the ideas and get in touch - the point is - "who knows?" - and precisely because of that, you've gotta at least use a stamp.

Speaking about videogames, I did always think that being a cut scene director would be pretty cool. The jump in cutscene quality in GTA IV was huge, and just made the whole thing feel far more cinematic and drove the story on deeper than any of the other GTA's beforehand.

Anyway - random post, for a random thing.

Now - off to more enviroment dvd stuff, and quite possibly finishing off the second draft of the first act of "From The Inside Out".

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