Tuesday 13 October 2009

An American Werewolf In London...

I've only just gotten around to seeing this flick (on a newly released double disc DVD), which is the sort of movie I've seen countless times on "top this that or the other" lists on TV and in magazines. I've seen various clips more than once, so you feel fairly familiar with the movie, but you've still not seen it.

I do feel, had I seen this during my formative teenage years - when I was busy discovering, with wide-eyed fascination, the works of Romero, Raimi and Carpenter - it would have had more of an impact on me. It does feel a bit dated nowadays ... but so what? It's a bloody good movie, even if it's not as horrific as it should be, or as funny as it should be (for being a horror comedy/comedy horror).

It's a horror cinema classic and it has well deserved it's respect and reverance.

I am quite looking forward to pouring over the DVD extra content, because there is certainly plenty to go over. I just wish I'd seen this, as I've said, during my teenage years so I could have a bit of the 'nostalgia factor', which would have - I'm sure - made this belated viewing more impactful.

Good stuff nonetheless, the gore is great, and how can you resist barmy scenes of werewolf Nazis, and a talking corpse that's done with old-school non-CGI techniques?

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