Friday 23 October 2009

VOTE FOR ME! - "Doing Our Bit"...

I've entered the 1 Minute To Save The World competition, in which filmmakers are invited to create a one minute film (90 seconds including credits) about the environment and climate change, and such.

You can find my entry here:

So please , would you kindly go and vote for me - but don't deliberately vote other people down - a spiffing vote for me will be very kind indeed.

I'll naturally put up a full project blogpost all about it in due course, but for now, I need me some votes, thank you kindly.

Cheers folks.


Danny Smith said...

Voted for you sir, dug the 70's "look around you" vibe, but dayum you have a LOT of competition on this.

Nick Thomson said...

Ta muchly dude.

Aye, there are a lot of videos on there now, but we specifically went for something that was a bit different in content, style, and tone from the majority of the other videos on the site.

That's the best bet really, see what most folk are doing, then do the opposite, and add a bit of a twist to it that makes you stand out - hence the '70s/80s disco music chart countdown show' vibe. :)

It's doing well on the site though, so that's good. Keeping my fingers crossed, because we certainly put the effort in.

Ta again for the vote. :)