Thursday 8 October 2009

Star Trek 2009...

I've never been one for Star Trek, and I've never been a Star Wars geek - but if I had to pick one over the other, it'd be Star Wars ... and even then just the original three movies, without any of that crap crow-barred in CGI rubbish.

However, I'm not a total Star Trek n00b. Being a media-obsessed sort - indeed I'm a zombie geek, aka "Zed Head" - I've picked up the odd bit of info along the way (with much help coming from The Simpson's et al). I know who Spock is, and his Vulcan ways, I know Kirk is a bit of an arrogant arse, and that Scotty says "I canny do it Captain, I'm giving it all she's got!" and such things.

As such, JJ Abrams' reboot of the franchise is well aimed at folk like me, as well as the Trekkies themselves. I didn't find myself overly gripped, but never bored, and always entertained - although I would have liked Scotty (Simon Pegg in this flick) to have come in earlier as he was great fun.

It runs along at a fair old lick for a two hour movie filled with stuff exploding, the cast all work well together, and it does a good job of allowing the reboot to happen. It doesn't feel too cynical - like a bunch of money men want more money - instead, because this is Star Trek, we get a decent plot device about alternate dimensions, which works very well and provides ample excuse to bring in Leonard Nimoy.

I've seen it now, and that's probably enough for me personally. I'd definitely see a sequel though.

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