Friday 27 January 2012

Double Bill Mini Musings: Your Brain on Drugs, and re-jigged Philip K. Dick...

A dead-beat writer is given an incredible new drug that unlocks the rest of your brain power (we only use around 20% of it normally) - and makes a huge success of himself ... while also getting into an awful lot of trouble. It's slightly barmy, but it's also a spiffing wish-fulfilment flick too, and what's more it doesn't always go in the direction you imagine it will. The plot isn't without the odd hole, but if you just go with the flow it's really quite enjoyable - and it really is a great central plot device.

The Adjustment Bureau:
The eponymous group of 'suits' keep things ticking along just nicely according to a complicated plan. That time you forgot your keys and were late for work, or that time you missed the bus - possibly little nudges perpetrated by these agents to keep everything ticking along nicely. Things, however, all go a bit arse-over-tit when Matt Damon's up-and-coming political figure falls madly in-love with Emily Blunt's charismatic dancer - and it doesn't match 'the plan'. The love story was an addition to Dick's short story, but it works surprisingly well - although the abilities and rationale of the Adjustment Bureau is never entirely consistent or mapped-out enough to be entirely convincing. However, if you gloss over the cracks, it makes for a fun flick - helped in no-small part by Damon & Blunt's on-screen charm.

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