Monday 2 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012! Have some Glove & Boots...

Well there goes 2011 - which was, in my view at least, mostly shite (apart from a few good things) - so here's hoping that 2012 is significantly better than last year!

In the meantime, as you nurse your New Year's party hangovers, get yourself in on some Glove & Boots, who did a whole series of hilarious videos for the coming of 2012. In case you don't know, Glove & Boots is a puppet-based (and family friendly) YouTube series (and they have a website too) about Mario, Fafa, and Gorilla. They've done some utterly brilliant videos recently - such as The Walkie Talkie Dead, and The History of Television - and have been my number one discovery on YouTube in 2011 (thanks to the aforementioned The Walkie Talkie Dead video, which perfectly encapsulated their charmingly irreverent and inventive style, and wonderful sense of humour).

Back to the whole New Year 2012 business - they did a series of videos for the event and you can find the playlist of all five videos here or watch it below.

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