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The Walking Dead - what can we expect from episode 3x09 in February 2013?

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The following post specifically analyses the sneak peek trailers that AMC have officially put out for episode 3x09 "The Suicide King" - if you'd prefer to go into February without knowing anything at all, stop reading, but if you wish to continue, don't worry, there are no real major plot spoilers ahead - however, one question posed by the cliffhanger IS answered.

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Judging from the snippets we got to see in the teaser for February's return of The Walking Dead, we can expect Rick & Co to stage a daring rescue of Daryl, and indeed Merle as well (Glenn is unhappy that Rick has brought someone back with him – clearly it'll be Merle). The mid-season finale had the two brothers held captive by The Governor and his men before a baying mob, but clearly they're saved just in time – we even see a shot of Daryl in the woods, and glimpse him opening a fence back home at the prison.

 The Brothers Dixon get a frosty reception in Woodbury.
 Diversion tactics seemingly employed by Team Prison to stage a rescue.
Daryl: Alive and well, crossbow in-hand.

The Governor's going dark – when Michonne took out his undead daughter, he lost the final thing that was tying him to his previous life and his humanity. Pandora's box is now very much open. We see a shot of the now monocular villain firing from his truck – but at what? These Walking Dead teasers are always craftily edited.

 He's a friendly looking chap, isn't he?
Expect action.

The actors have also spoken of Glenn taking a darker turn in the next eight episodes. We've seen him kick major arse when he was held at Woodbury (his fight with a walker in 3x07) and we've seen him defend Maggie and himself by any means necessary (using bones from the slain walker's body as shivs in 3x08). By the sounds of it we'll be seeing a vengeful streak in him.

Andrea, having discovered some of the darkness behind The Governor, and that the “terrorists” are in fact her old friends (in a sneak peak from AMC, Andrea tries to stop The Governor from taking drastic action against The Brothers Dixon) is going to move away from Woodbury. He is unsure of her loyalty, and she returns to the prison (even taking a leaf out of Michonne's book and using a captive walker as a blocker) to be re-united with Rick and the gang.

 Andrea rocks up at the prison.
Andrea is greeted by Rick and Daryl, while taking a leaf out of Michonne's book.

It also looks like the stakes are going to be raised once again – the residents of Woodbury seem to be up-in-arms – are they after revenge? Are they scared and looking to flee their town? Meanwhile a van smashes through the fences at the prison – but what's particularly interesting is that this seems to take place around the same time as Andrea's arrival at the prison (you can see that the field inside the fences not only has walkers in it, but that the van is sat there too). What does this mean? Was she followed? Is this a suicidal attack by Woodbury residents, or enemies unknown? Or is it an inconvenient coincidence? Again, these trailers are very craftily edited.

 Woodbury: Up in arms.
 Defending the prison against an apparent attack.
Michonne has a close call as the prison's fences are breached.

Finally, from another sneak peek put up by AMC, it seems that the new arrivals at the prison are going to be a new source of contention on the home front for the Ricktatorship. Allen – who was a bit unpredictable in the comics – is shown to be eyeing up the prison for a takeover, a plan that his son Ben agrees with, but one that neither Tyreese or his sister Sasha believes in. From the other snippets we've seen, I doubt that this plan will work out (or perhaps even occur), as Rick and Co return to the prison and have the place under their command (kamikaze fence-breaching truck aside) – sure, right at that moment it's only an old one-legged man, a baby, a teenage girl, a gun-toting boy, and Carol (and Axel – do they know at this point that he exists?), but all the big guns are on their way back. However, it'll be interesting to see where they go with Allen – will he (and perhaps even his son) be a real bone of contention on home turf for the Ricktatorship? As if you didn't have enough on your plate, what with an entire town baying for your “terrorist” blood!

 Allen sizes up a hostile take-over.
 Tyreese and Sasha disagree with Allen and Ben.

So that's what we can decipher from AMC's official sneak peek trailers for the return of The Walking Dead on February 10th 2013, with The Talking Dead being extended to a one hour show immediately afterwards. It might seem like a long wait, but it'll be back before you know it - besides, we've got Christmas and New Year to keep us occupied for now.

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