Wednesday 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween...

Well, it's been a productive October for the blog, I've fair blogged all over the shop.

Happy Halloween to everybody, particularly the Americans who do the season justice, not like here in Britain where people have already skipped over thinking about Guy Fawkes and are already spending for Xmas ... admittedly I've already bought some gifts, but that's a far cry from the norm. One seasonal holiday-type-deal at a time already!

Also, here in the UK we have teenagers wearing their normal clothes, coming two days early, in the middle of the day jangling spare change in their pocket as a not-so-subtle hint at what they want their treat to be. First of all - wankers. They should fuck off home and watch TV instead. Secondly - you kind of think that Halloween, in the UK at least, is pointless. Back in the day when my parents were doing it, it made sense. They didn't get Buzz Lightyear action figures for Xmas - back when it was known as Christmas for a reason too - so Halloween was a chance to get some pre-C'mas sweeties and have a bit of fun - plus they'd actually do a bloody trick, be it a joke, an extract from a play, do a bit on the piano or whatever. They actually earned their treats and didn't egg people's doors afterwards.

My point being, because we in the UK don't celebrate Halloween like the Americans do (e.g. adorning our porches with severed heads, zombies, witches and blood-dripping skeletons), there's pretty much absolutely no point in 'doing it' in the UK, beyond some dedicated souls who might host a fancy dress party...that's at least half-way to the spirit of the season. Get wankered whilst pretending to be Jason Voorhees.

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