Sunday 28 October 2007

Oh...for a quippy title...

But alas no such humour graces my brain today.

Anyway - I've updated the DeadShed website, some new pics and a page for "I Am Zombie Man 3: The Inevitable Decomposition of Zombie Man", which I'm starting to think about more now, having taken a breather from it with a slew of script writing.

Did some planning for my latest script ("The End"), but still need to hammer out the rest of it. Things never go according to plan, I was going to hammer it out before November - which is when I was planning on starting to think about IAZM3 again, but when the gas mask turned up (a proper for IAZM3) I got all side-tracked and newly inspired for IAZM3...making somewhat-promo pictures for t'internet for it further side-tracked me.

Added a couple more vids to my YouTube, the original online trailers for IAZM2 and IAZM3.

Oh and finally, the second Underground Slacker blogcast is now out, check it out, it's good stuff. Like a British studenty version of SModcast, but with even more culturual references.

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