Tuesday 30 October 2007

Price War!!!

An actual mini rant this time - what is it with supermarkets and other retailers flogging DVDs for prices like £12.74. I've just seen an advert for the Die Hard 4 DVD (ug, "Live Free or Die Hard" if you must insist).

Can't we just had a flat rate "£13 mate, boshty - sorted"?

If you're in a shop and you're having to deal with 26p of change getting handed to you every time you're going to end up with a clanging set of pockets. Online it doesn't matter much, but it's just pathetic on the other hand, shops trying to get the upper hand by cutting a few pence off the price to compete. If you wanna compete start cutting quids off, or offering something convenient or new or anything - or better yet, just admit it already. You'll find a better offer online most times.

Bah, it's all crazy I say.

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