Thursday 18 October 2007

Manhunt 2 media bashing UK...

Saw a report on Sky News last night regarding "Manhunt 2", I was absolutely disgusted, it was like the Daily Mail on television, going on about "YOUNG KIDS ARE PLAYING THIS IN THEIR THOUSANDS!!!"


For a starter, when downloading a game off the net, you've got to have a chipped/modified console - that costs money - little kids don't have money, nor the ability to send their consoles off for modding.

Also, they completely ignore the fact that the version banned again in the UK was the same cut version that got an "M" rating in America (which is for 17 year olds and up), we get the cut version, aimed for 18 year olds and up, and it's still banned.

Regardless of whether you like it or not, some people enjoy the games, hell I played the first one a couple of times out of interest and I liked the vibe and style of the game, but it just wasn't made very well.

Also - the more mis-guided reports like this float around a title, the more cache it receives and the more attention it would otherwise not have achieved - it happened with the first "Manhunt", the sales in the UK went through the roof after the fuss in 2004 over it. A complete failure to understand the medium is what is continuing to go on here, and it's sickening and downright childish/flat-out-switched-off.

The first game to be banned for 10 years, the last one being "Carmageddon", and even that was overturned on appeal - I've even got the uncut version in a special edition, which was bought for me when I was several years below the age rating on the game - am I running people over in the streets? Am I running into schools with guns? Am I dribbling in a corner awaiting the arrival of Satan so I can go on a killing spree? No, I enjoyed it as a game and then enjoyed the movie on which it was based - "Death Race 2000".

Far from games causing violence, they lessen it - much like pornography has been shown to decrease incidences of rape - violent videogames allow you to exert aggression you might have otherwise put upon someone in real life. I can't tell you how many times I've been steamed over something, whether it was something at university that pissed me off, or whether it was an argument with someone after they did something annoying, or whatever, and have then gone onto "Grand Theft Auto" and just blasted about for 30 to 60 minutes and come out feeling calm, relaxed and perfectly fine.

I will also note I've never been in a fight, and I've been watching horror movies since the age of 9 and playing violent videogames since before they ever had age ratings on them. If games make everyone go mental - where is the legion of yoof-maniacs slicing up people? They're nowhere, instead it's normal, average and everyday young people enjoying a past-time that's barely different to watching a movie.

Just fancied venting, I thought it was the most ill-informed, mis-guided scare-mongering I've seen for quite some time, masquerading as a news report.

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