Thursday, 20 December 2007

Breaking the habit of a lifetime (minus 5 years)...

As mentioned in a previous blog, I recently went to the doc's for the first time in (a correction here) 18 years. Indeed, I was a bit on the anxious side and sitting in the waiting room I looked thoroughly out-of-place amidst my elders. To be honest, what with all the chaos and bureaurocracy surrounding the NHS here in the UK (a huge issue completely skipped over by Michael Moore who insisted on painting the NHS as's better than the American's have, but we've had it better in the past - much better - and that's the problem), I was expecting a hassle.

Fortunately it was all rather quick & easy, even had my blood pressure taken - which was fine by the way (so I can be proud of that fact). Of course, that and asking "do you smoke" appear to be government-set targets, ticking & dealing if you will. Get some statistics out, it's what this government love after all...sheesh.

Anyway, my doc - whom I was meeting for the first time - was a nice chap, so even though a trainee doc was there as well, it helped allay my own anxiety about being in a building full of sick people, and what my obsessive-compulsive side would consider to be a building covered in germs and airborne snot of all types. So yes, a quick in-and-out and some pills to hopefully get shot of an allergic reaction I gained a while ago from a pair of jeans - is it just me, or any dye that could cause trouble for the sensitive-of-skinned, be gotten rid of in favour of a less cheap-ass substitute.

I mean, this dye must have been cheap-as-chips, because never before have I ever had a problem with wearing brand new clothes without washing them first. It's odd really, the effects of that dye I mean, the doc described it as coming 'from within'...I started thinking about "Alien" and "Shivers" and other such films ... perhaps I'll work it into a script at some point.

As for the NHS, I still maintain - it's the current system that's the problem and not the men & women on the front line. Although I will point out that my local NHS facility had a significant chunk of it paid for by private fund raising, rather than coming from Darth Bastard Gordon Brown's footloose-and-fancy-free idea of public spending. It's not about how much you spend, but what worth you get from what you do spend - YOU GIGANTIC FUCKING PRAT!


Anyway - Labour hatred aside - strong recognition should go out to those who fought hard to raise the cash to help bring Ross Vegas its own proper medical facility, something we're lucky to have - and wouldn't have - if it wasn't for said fund raising that helped bring it to fruition.

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