Monday 31 December 2007

The final blog of 2007...dun-dun-duuuuun...

The first of 2008 still to come, nyah!

So being that it's New Year's Eve, I figured I'd blog up some blog juice for the day, but don't have that much to say...except I've started reading "Roadside Picnic", not sure if I've already said, but regardless I'm getting into it now and it's a good read.

I also just got the "Spider-Man 3" DVD and it's got one of those bloody cardboard sleeves!!! ARGH!!! But what's more, the cardboard sleeve is on the outside of the normal plastic box which is sealed in plastic indeed, the normal plastic case is sealed in plastic wrap - on top of which is a cardboard sleeve.

What the fudge is up with that?

It's been a pretty good year, aside from the twice-sprained/twisted ankle and putting my back out for several months and the allergic reaction, but no it has been a good year. The progression into "the industry" continues on the up-and-up, so here's hoping 2008 will continue as such - but even more.

Happy New Year!

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