Friday 14 December 2007

Doin' well...prefaced by angry swearing...

First of all, let's let out some aggro, *ahem*:

Fuck Gordon Brown, fuck the Labour Party and fucking the EU Treaty. That sniveling rat bastard bully-boy self-aggrandising shit-bag sold us up the swanny after outright promising an EU referendum, one of many promises he and his piece-of-shit 'government' did a 180 on. Fuck them all.


Normal service has resumed, and onto a cheerier note.

I've chuntered out the raw dialogue recordings for "IAZM3", and have certainly made good inroads on the second act of my comedy feature script. It currently stands at 51 pages of a projected 100 (who knows what it'll end up being, considering a practice script I wrote in 2006 clocked in at 5 drafts and 140-odd pages). Anyway, progress there is good and that in itself is good.

What's also good is that "Aliens: Definitive Edition" on DVD arrived just now, so I can enjoy my day by pouring over that.

Penultimately, I broke the habit of a lifetime (or somewhere around 17 years) and made an appointment to go see the Doc next week. Nothing to worry about, but a nuisance nonetheless. Being of sensitive skin I recently acquired an allergy caused by a textile hopefully he can prescribe a magic pill that'll get shot of it for good...but needless to say, after a 17 year absence from the Doc's room, there's a hint of apprehension. The only times I've been inside a hospital in the intervening years was either to get an arm poked at by someone who said "it's only sprained, have some tubigrip" or to visit someone.

Anyway, that's something not to look forward to, but then again who does look forward to going to the doctor's? I'll probably catch a cold or flu or bird-flu, or rabies or some soul-melting-super-virus or...*thinks of puppies playing*

On a new lighter note, I was helping out my mate Ben ("Trapped"/"IAZM2"/"VHS") yesterday to film a couple of physics-related videos for YouTube. One was about siphoning, which is simple enough to film but surprisingly tricky to explain quickly. The main one however was regarding non-fiction friction (in which I cameo, lol).

Have a gander and enjoy.

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