Thursday 20 December 2007

The muse continues to work her magic...

As previously blogged about, I've been going great guns on my feature comedy script I'm currently hammering keys on. Last night I completed the second act, and now stand at 77 pages.

I will go over the second act again, maybe twice, and polish it up - at which point I'll print off a hard copy and then continue into the third act and hopefully get it completed in the not-too-distant-near-future.

But I think, having had a good run of it, that it's time I took a short break from writing and fiddled around with more "IAZM3" prep (filming of it has been pushed back for now, hopefully not for long, but just because there's not the time at the moment - but hopefully sometime very soon). So aye, onwards to editing those dialogue clips methinks...a sizable chore considering I have to find the perfect take (or assembly of takes) within several minutes for each chunk of dialogue, and then filter it all to create Zombie Man's sardonic drawl...still, once that's done I'll have another dose of that wonderful drug called "sense of achievement".


Danny Smith said...


-im making up buzz words today faster than a chav clothing line.

i bet you have to stop to just take in the length sometimes huh?
i start writing a feature that i was sure was going to be "my breakfast club" then the pc reformatted itself adn i can barely remember a story about this and that but nothing major, oh well it happens, lsot to the ehter, so whats the gist of yours?

Nick Thomson said...

I'm kinda writing it one act at a time, and then I go over the act once it's finished two or three times to get it spiffing, then proceed to the next act.

I've been doing IAZM3 dialogue filtering recently, that's pretty much done now, so I can soon go back to the script after Boxing Day.

It's a comedy...won't say anymore on t'internet in full view though, will PM you about it on the forum or something.

Danny Smith said...

you have anything that sort of "fits" yours to get you going on it?
i know i was listening to wind, the first ending theme to an anime called naruto, and the ending popped into my head and i sort of worked my way back to a beginning and then filled in the middle from there, your post got me thinking about rewriting it from scratch and that songs bene a good help to recapture the vibe i was in when i wrote some of the stuff in it.