Monday, 28 January 2008

Because a good rant soothes the soul...

Hopefully I can pour some of my current ire into my script writing, which I have resumed after a short break. Whilst continuing to fiddle here and there with IAZM3 preparation, I have returned to a script called "The End", which I originally started (and quickly halted) in October last year (during a break in writing for "GenPro" as the muse had left me). "The End", as I might have said some time ago, is a zombie short with animation in mind, and is all a part of getting a series of scripts written - and ideas into treatments - to be 'banked' so-to-speak.

Anyway, previously suggested ire of course relates to Gordon Clown's shite excuse for a government (thanks to Tricky for the smirk-inducing mock surname). In Labour's continued assault on the worth of education in the United Kingdom, his great new idea (sarcasm overload) is to have 'McDonalds A-Level equivalents'. Sure this is a tagline simplification of the issue, but the continued assault on education remains - by which I mean the watering down of what these qualifications mean.

An A-Level is supposed to be for those who are academically capable - and willing - to proceed. Likewise, University is not a right, it's a privilege. A privilege for those - of any race, gender or class - who are capable and eager to utilise a degree at the highest level of academic education to forge a path into certain types of work, which truly require degree level education.

If you continue to water down the meaning of academic qualifications, you might as well equalise a PhD to a GCSE. The problem Labour has is that massive, class-based chip they have on their inept shoulder. I don't know about you, but I couldn't give a bollocks about class and frankly such aggression is not in the least bit productive and is merely an ill-considered squabble.

Besides, all their talk of narrowing the gap between rich & poor has (predictably) been of no consequence. Hell, it's produced the opposite. Their ill-conceived policies have widened the gap and left an entire generation - my generation - disaffected and angry (on top of all the other problems which have arisen or are rising or will arise).

Back to education however, the idea to extend the school leaving age to 18 again devalues A-Levels yet further - and of course this absurd "diploma" idea of Ed Balls' (that bug-eyed dimwit) doesn't help matters much either.

To be honest, 16 is the absolute maximum compulsory 'stay until' age for education. Hell, when I was taking my GCSE's, some of the non-academically minded had long since left and as a result acquired at best a couple of dud GCSE grades. The reason is they were disaffected, the last place they wanted to be was locked up at school taking subjects of no meaning or importance to them. Frankly, these people shouldn't be left dossing around in school obstructing the learning of those who really want to be there. They should be moving on to their own things, rather than being forced to play the lagging behind fifth wheel in a system which just - isn't - designed - for them.

Instead those who aren't academically gifted - which is far from a fault - should of course be provided with the basics within the standard educational framework. Reading, writing, arithmetic and I.T. skills pertinent to the workplace. At this point they should be encouraged to enter the workplace for real, hopefully stemming their educational disaffection, and putting them not only to good use, but in a position to improve themselves. To provide them with opportunities and pride in themselves.

Working in McDonald's does not require an A-Level equivalent, it requires on-site training in the specifics of the industry itself - removed from the academic institution - and unless the individual wishes to proceed up the Mickey D ladder towards management (from where they have wider workplace options), where are they going to go? Burger King, where else of note?

Much like Andrew Marr was saying earlier today on The Daily Politics, the government are failing our young with worthless gimmicks. They are failing to provide the actual opportunities that are required.


To be honest it's sickening. Darth Clown most definitely is to be 'seen next Tuesday' (if you catch my drift).

The sheer volume of bastard within that dithering lost bottle of his knows no bounds. Whilst parading around in that farce of a leadership election in 2007 (which might as well have been a Coronation) he professed his patriotism and his nationalistic credentials, while at the same time giving the go-ahead for Britannia to be removed from our currency - a symbol of Britain that has been there for hundreds of years...heaven only knows why the Queen went along with this common sense defying plan. It even appears that Britannia will make a return in a few years apparently, so I ask the obvious question - WHY BOTHER? Why on earth waste good money that could be spent helping a myriad of people, a mass which includes our own armed forces.

Which brings me to Darth Clown's next brilliant idea, a national holiday (as if there weren't enough already), this time to celebrate being British and showing our support for our armed forces. How? By bunking off work legitimately? You know what really shows support for your troops? Not some gimmick that is as hollow as a Labour-spun promise (*ahem* Referendum! *glares*), but providing the money - the weapons - the ammo - the armour - and just as critically, the support both overseas and at home for the veterans returning and their families, particularly those returning with horrendous mental and physical wounds. That is how you support your troops, you gigantic fucking prat of an excuse for a man!

*an exceptionally long, relief-laden sigh*

Much better, a good rant really gets the weight off your shoulders ... if only the United Kingdom wasn't buried under so many troubles thanks to nigh-on 11 years of socially engineered, politically correct defiance of common sense.

It's at times like these that all I can do is sympathise with our American friends who detest their government equally ... still, at least the tide is changing both over there and here at home. Darth Bastard - your days in power in numbered.

*a somewhat shorter, sequel-like sigh of relief*

Rant over!

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