Friday 18 January 2008

Jason Myers Takes Haddonfield: Part Umpteenth: 2-D! ... PART ONE!

I've recently been on a bit of a Halloween binge, having bought a copy of the Unrated Director's Cut of Halloween 2007. After watching the film twice (and liking it even more than when I first saw it), I decided to give the 4th through 6th films in the franchise another viewing as I'd only done so once before for those three flicks.

No wonder. While out of those three they progressively get better, it's like saying a case of some hideous disease is better after time - but you'd rather have something better really wouldn't you?

Then of course, being a bit obsessive/compulsive/completist I got all riled up and had to watch Halloween H20 as well ... although I absolutely refuse to sit through Halloween Resurrection, which even the franchise fans (I guess of which I am one actually) don't consider proper series canon because of the ludicrous 'oh the end of H20 wasn't real' twist - no, it was, but the studio just wanted more cash.

Then I realised I still hadn't watched Halloween 3: Season of the Witch - ever - so that was the next port of call with a re-viewing of the best of the franchise's sequels, Halloween 2 to follow.


The point of the title however, was because I got to thinking about the two leads in these franchises - by that of course I obviously mean those two monolithic mutes who have a rather obsessive predilection towards sharp objects piercing teenagers ... and the parents of teenagers ... and law officers ... and paramedics ... and random people.

I was thinking about the franchises and then thinking about the deadly protagonists. Michael Myers definitely is the better character, and has a better all-round story (except for all that cult bollocks in 'Revenge of' and 'Curse of') ... but I think Jason Vorhees is still my preferred movie serial nutjob.

Also, when I think about it now, Jason has been played better throughout the series than Michael has. Halloween 4 and 5 were atrocious, Myers wasn't who he was supposed to be, he moved far too freely and viciously than how he really should (while Rob Zombie's Myers is more violent in action than Carpenter's, the mix was handled perfectly...unlike in 4 and 5). Also - the Myers mask in 4 and 5 just sucked. By part 6 he'd recovered a little, but it wasn't great. H20 was an improvement, but still a fair distance (for me at least) from what Myers is supposed to be when he's 'at his best'.

As for Jason Vorhees, he's rarely been portrayed poorly - even to the point where Kane Hodder became synonymous with the name ... I guess the less rigid back story of Jason helps in this respect, it provides a greater spectrum of potential movement and killing flair than what Myers is afforded.

To be continued...

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