Tuesday 1 January 2008

First post of 2008...

And just like that, 2007 was over and done with...now it's onwards with 2007. It barely seems any time since 2007 was starting...before I know it I'll be turning 24, then before I know it we'll be in the height of summer, then the welcome return of autumn and then the inevitable blast back into Xmas and New Year.

I wonder where I'll be in a year's time ... I thought the same thing last year around about this time, and fortunately I've made good progress since then, hopefully this time next year I'll see greater progress comparatively speaking...although some amazing success or a big-ass lottery win wouldn't go unwanted either!

I'm giving "28 Weeks Later" a second viewing, and it's still bloody good stuff. Certainly equal to the original film...also, "Roadside Picnic" continues to be awesome, getting me re-interested again in the videogame "STALKER" (probably my favourite for 2007), and importantly (for Q1 2008) the prequel "Clear Sky", oh yes.

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Danny Smith said...

aye 2007 whent real fast, i only started this blog becuase i couldnt be arsed to finish my website, and still cant, about a year ago now, so ive been blogging on blogger for a year allready, hell you have for 6 months according to your post history on the right, so yeah, fast as hell.