Tuesday 29 January 2008

Depressing realism with an atrocious narration...

Having literally just finished watching Life After People, from the History Channel, here are my thoughts. Fascinating at best, intolerably annoying at worst. The best stuff - for me at least - was the very real Pripyat. But for me, the most annoying thing about it was the narration. The delivery - using that movie trailer guy - as well as how it was written was piss-annoying beyond belief. It treats the viewer like a fucking idiot who can't understand that if there are no people to maintain anything, everything is fucked - it's a simple concept, yet we're bashed over the head with it for 90 minutes like we're morons of the highest order. Also, the constant re-using of certain footage - mainly the stuff they rendered specifically for the show - is aggravating to say the least. How many times did we need to see Golden Gate Bridge collapse?! Twice at most - not six or seven shitting times! *sigh* So, remove the annoying over-use of the same footage, and especially remove the god-awful narration, and it's a fascinating watch ... although I can actually understand the reaction some might have had that it was rather anti-mankind, ultimately & depressingly saying we're potentially pointless within 10,000 years of our end. But I'd not call it propaganda either. It's depressing-yet-fascinating-realism at most ... with an atrocious narration.

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