Tuesday 29 June 2010

Double Bill Mini Musings: A Decade Apart...

I'd known about it for as long as it had been around, but that's it. Now that I've got Sky+ I can just record every movie that takes my fancy and work through them as-and-when - and an example of 'oh yeah, I've heard about that one, I'll give that a try' is this.

The central theme of morals vs. ethics, played out against the increasingly important backdrop of a high school election, is really quite interesting. On one hand you've got these small town characters either improving or destroying their own lives by any means they deem necessary, or happen to stumble into, and on the other it's a commentary on democracy. I should have watched this ages ago.

This Is It:
June 25th 2009 I got back from the hospital after having an operation, and still chock-full of drugs, I returned to the news that Michael Jackson had died. "Weird", I said in a rather understated (and drugged-out) manner. Over the following month it was nothing but MJ on the news and the music channels, so the singles became the soundtrack to my recovery.

Now a year later, with the documentary showing up on Sky Premiere, I had a skim through it - skipping over the songs I didn't know/didn't like ... as well as all the luvvy-duvvy stuff with dancers praising MJ. It's amazing to see just how much work, effort, and cash go into making an event such as this tour was supposed to be. You get a sense of it being 'the greatest show that never happened', and while it plays as a bit of a glorified DVD extra (to what you would have no doubt been a special edition DVD of the actual intended show), it makes for an intriguing watch.

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