Thursday 17 June 2010

Updates on scripts - plural - 17/6/2010...

Summer Road - Draft 2.1 is now complete, and it's been hacked down to a nice 99 pages long. Draft 1.1 came in at 128 pages, so 29 pages have been torn out of it, and it's not like I didn't add any new content - because I did, I added three new scenes.

Allen Bridge - the planning is coming along nicely, with another couple of scenes springing to mind thanks to the muse presenting me with the ideas (which have a tendency to come to me when I'm brushing my teeth before bed these days). I'm gradually finding pieces of it, and doing scattered research relating to the plot ... I don't want to get to wrapped up in it when I've still got Summer Road in progress, you know? However, the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together - but being a mystery, I'll need to be sure of having the entire mystery/plot itself all laid out replete with who's who and what they do. Allen Bridge will be a nice departure for me after the likes of Zero and Summer Road (comedy, and comedy-drama respectively), so I'm quite looking forward to getting it onto the page officially.

Finally, can't remember if I mentioned before or not, but I got myself a book on screenwriting, so I've been ploughing through that to get all the info and technicalities and structural things I didn't already know - as well as plenty of helpful tips - so in terms of script writing, it's all go at the moment.

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