Friday 25 June 2010

Double Bill Mini Musings: Kinda Naff, Kinda Fun...

McHale's Navy:
Getting Sky+ has allowed me to see a bunch of movies I would have probably never gotten around to seeing - you record it, and then can dip in and out as you see fit. McHale's Navy is one such movie - and the only reason I wanted to see it was the involvement of Bruce Campbell, which is unfortunately not an awful lot in this Sgt Bilko rip-off/Tom Arnold vehicle.

Cheap sets, soft gags, and an underused side-cast all make this generally dull. Again, I only checked it out as a Bruce Campbell fan.

I'd thought it was a zombie flick when I was skimming through one of those 'you may also like...' sections you get on websites, but it's actually a giant bug movie. Apparently it's send-up/referential of the B-Movie heyday, but beyond the giant bugs I don't see the connection - well, it is cheap, so that's two things. It doesn't have the same lure as the classic B-Movie greats, and it isn't bad enough to have the 'so bad it's good' influence of the B-Movie era's less illustrious moments.

On the plus side it's got Ray Wise in it, and the human/bug hybrids are ickily fun to behold. Mind you, I didn't like the lack of a final shot - clearly they were having fun with the 'uh oh/grand saviour shot' moment - but it just comes off as annoying and flat instead of sarcastic and witty.

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