Tuesday 8 June 2010

Updates on scripts - plural - 8/6/2010...

"Summer" is now going to be called "Summer Road", and I completed the hand-written Draft 1.2 changes a couple of days ago - so now I've got to go back onto Final Draft and apply said changes, with further changes as I see fit to therefore create Draft 2.1 - after which there'll no doubt be a Draft 2.2 as I add all the subtle or small things that get lost amidst the big, chunky construction that is Draft 1.1 ... indeed.

As for the other script - the mystery one - it's going to be called "Allen Bridge", and the ideas have continued to flow for that. I'm letting it percolate in the back of my mind and every time a new idea, or a scene, or a character comes to mind I make a note of it.

I also went and got myself a screenwriting book - better to have all the helpful tips (which covers anything script related to boot) in one place rather than bits of tips here-and-there on scraps of paper. It's all a part of the self-taught approach to writing a script that I'm employing.

While there'll be a bunch of stuff I've already figured out over the last couple of years of feverish writing, or which were obvious and apparent from the-off, there will be plenty of things that can otherwise be easily over-looked, or indeed information on how and when to best place the beats of the plot - and indeed how to write for different genres effectively. Precisely what information is necessary, and how exactly it should be conveyed. It's all learning and it's all progress in the right direction.

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