Tuesday 9 October 2012

Eyes In Your Window: Blog #03...

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There's always that moment of trepidation before you actually start writing a screenplay. You've got it all planned out, you've got extensive notes, and the whole thing is pretty much right there in your head - now though, you have to physically type it all out, translating the images in the old noggin, into words on a page that people will then read.

Oftentimes procrastination rears its ugly head about now - with the script essentially all there in your head, the creative juices begin to wane a bit (after the planning process where ideas come thick, fast, and in whatever order they want) - but you have to fight past that temptation of goofing off. It can be resolved by a simple action - double clicking that screenplay software icon on your desktop. Double click that and it's open, and then you think 'well seeing as it's open, I might as well write something', and providing the muse is with you, you'll find yourself with five pages under your belt. That in itself is a measure to go by, if you can get five pages written each day, then that's good going - but even still, just writing a mere one paragraph is all progress in the right direction - so if you have a rough day at the keyboard, don't fret - but if that's how each day goes, then perhaps something needs to change.

Click "READ MORE" below to read the first page of "Eyes In Your Window"...

Fortunately Eyes In Your Window got underway today - after tackling a few days of the temptations of procrastination, that is - and the average daily target of five pages was reached. Yes, it's only the first draft at this point - but you're never going to write your script perfectly from word-one are you?

As a little teaser, below is the first page of the script - the first draft, unedited "Teaser" for the first episode of the three-part post-watershed drama serial that is Eyes In Your Window (click to enlarge).

Hopefully you enjoyed that, and if you're a fellow writer and you're reading this, get your ideas down on paper, map them out, and double click that icon to get your story out there to share it with others. Not the tidiest or catchiest pep talk phrase, sure, but it's the thought that counts...

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