Wednesday 3 October 2012

YouTube Finds: "Blood & Guts with Scott Ian"...

A new show to the Nerdist Channel all about gore and special make-up effects, and the first port of call is of course the legend that is Gregg Nicotero!

In this series premiere episode, join host Scott Ian (Anthrax) as he spends a day with Legendary FX Artist Greg Nicotero in his KNB EFX's studio. See Nicotero's vast prop collection from throughout his career and also experience an awe inspiring bit of Blood and Guts.
 As a big horror fan, and a keen follower of KNB's work, this was a real joy to watch. Just nerding out over the various props and replicas was satisfying enough, but then they 'kill' three zombies to finish the video off, haha!

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