Wednesday 17 October 2012

The Walking Dead Memes (Collected)...

The Walking Dead is a fantastic show and ripe for some excellent memes, and so here is one single post to keep track of the various meme images that I have created for it. This post will be updated with new images as-and-when they're produced. Beware, there's plenty of spoilers ahead...

N.B. Click on each image to see them in their FULL SIZE.

Season One in Memes

Season Two in Memes (Plus S1, S3 & S4 Bonus Memes)

Rick Grimes: Sheriff of the English Language (1x01)

Rick & Dr. Jenner

Season 3: The Search For Carl?

Comic-Con 2012

Beth: Soap & Jesus, Maggie Killing Walkers, and the Bro's of the Apocalypse

Shane's Serious Squat, and Barn Burning

Season 3

Hershel vs. Puberty, and Maggie Loves Gore (3x01)

Where's Carl? Carol's SVU, Daryl's Poncho, and Nicotero's Walker (3x02)

The Governor's TV, Milton's tea, and Ash who? (3x03)

Axel's Catchphrase, Guard Tower Sauciness, and Teleportation (3x04)

Rick: Psycho Dad, An Awkward Trouser Malfunction, A Dash of Merle, and Security Problems (3x05)

Daryl vs Carl, Where's Carol, and Hello Aunt Alicia (3x06)

Glenn The Ass Kicker, Where's Carl Memories, Double Sleeveless, Duct Tape Armour, and Alternatives (3x07)

Axel's Dating Tips, Tyreese Steps Up, Michonne on Humour, and Hammer Time (3x08)

Tyreese vs T-Dog, and Apple Sauce (3x09)

Short Haired Danger, Brown Trouser Time, and Eye-F**king (3x10)

Carl Loves Beth, Dale's Face, and Andrea's Arse (Various)

Amputees Anonymous, Traitors, and F.U. Ben (3x11)

Where's Carl, Crazy People, Hitch-Hikers, Stuff & Things and More (3x12)

Where's Carl, Dale Tales, and more Things 'n' Stuff (Various)

Badass Beth, Diplomacy, Pervy Merle, and Sexual Relations (3x13)

Subtlety, Undercover Badassery, Speaking the Truth, and Getting Michowned (3x14)

Merle & Michonne's Road Trip (3x15)

Expectations Subverted: Apocalyptic Parenting, Sad Farewells, Girl Power and Sound Advice (3x16)

Derle, Merle, Carl & T-Dog (Season 3 Bonus Memes)

Season 4

Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer Analysis with Bonus Memes

4x01: Farmer Rick, Story Time Carl, and Violet the Pig

4x02: Singing, Breakfast, Photography, and Michowning

4x03: Sore Hands, Shocking Carol, and Creepy Judith

4x04: Awkward Dancing, Newbies, Terminology and Time Pieces

4x05: Hershel, Fangirls, Rick-Trolling, Cheats, Creeps, and Credits

4x06: Pirates, Messages, Fist Bumps, Bad Jokes, and Forever Alone

4x07: Winking, Blinking, Aquariums, and Golf

4x08: War, Feels, Tanks, and The Governor

4x09: Pudding, Swearing, and Pile-Ons

4x10: Diaries, Bunnies, Photos, and Crazies

4x11: Crazy Cheese, Shirts, Smarts, and Stuff n Thangs

4x12: Golf, Booze, and Pyromania

4x13: Piggy-Backs, Foreshadowing, and C-Blocking

4x14: Creepy Lizzie, Justice, and Forever Alone

4x15: Eugene's Success With The Ladies

4x16: Throats, Lego, and Cliffhanger Trolling

Season 5

Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer Analysis

5x01: Puns, Explosions, Watches, and Crossbows

5x02: Gags, BBQ, and Soggy Walkers

5x03: Wise Words and Red-Handled Machetes

5x04: Lollipops, Haters, and The Greater Good

5x05: Dolphins and Peeping

5x06: Health Hazards and Art Appreciation

5x07: Puns and Official Terminology

5x08: Feelings and Such

5x09: Breaking Hearts and Walker Torsos

5x10: Kissing, Worm Food, and Sasha's Pep Talks

5x11: Looks, Roamers, and Happy Abraham

5x12: Grizzly/Gorgeous Grimes, and Carol vs Daryl

5x13: Cookie Monster Carol and Randy Rick

5x14: Cookies, Consequences, and Tempting Fate

5x15: Crazy Rick and 7 Minutes In Zombie Heaven

5x16: Killer Rick and Hashtag Deanna

Season 6

Season 6 Comic-Con Trailer Analysis

6x01: Protein and Mullets

6x02: Haircuts, Ron, and Ass-Kicking Carol

6x03: Epic Feels, Cliffhangers, and the Worst Thank You Ever

6x04: Big Teases and Morgan-Induced Rage

6x05: Cookies, Kisses, and Changed Minds

6x06: Abraham's Got a Way with Words

6x07: Judith's Parentage and Flipping Off Ron

6x08: That Mid-Season Finale Feeling

6x09: The Ultimate Badass Kicks It Up a Notch

6x10: Sneaky Peeks and Saucy Times

6x11: First Impressions and Getting Bigger

6x12: Cookies and Kisses

6x13: Smoking Kills and Ice Cold Carol

6x14: Shifting, Biting, and Words of Wisdom

6x15: Bedroom Apples and Eugene's Shower Habits

6x16: How Evil is Evil, Tempted Fate, and That TWD Feeling

Season 7

Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer Analysis with Bonus Meme

7x01: Snot & Tears, Anticipation, and That Negan Feeling

7x02: Shiva Galore

7x03: Easy Street

7x04: Parentage, Bargains, and Balls

7x05: Cooorrraaalll, Car Crashes, and Teenage Disobedience

7x06: The New Lizzie, and Tara's Devil on Her Shoulder

7x07: Father Burn

7x08: Vicarious Thrills, Spaghetti, and Hugs

7x09: Rhetoric and Lessons

7x10: Darva and Morgan's Stick

7x11: Posture, Pickles, and Sepsis

7x12: Walker Bits and The Judith Approach

7x13: Into The Ragelands and Noah Knows

7x14: BFFs and Smokey Doctors

7x15: Lady Nuts

7x16: Cucks, Chat Up Lines, and Delays

Season 8

8x01: Windows, Banter, and Shakespeare

8x03: Post-Apocalyptic Politicking and Sharyl

8x05: Weenie Talk and Seriously Puntastic

8x07: Awkward Handshake

8x08: Having A Moment

8x09: Alexandria's Protector and The New Carl

8x11: Party Invite (and a 8x10 Bonus Meme)

8x14: Rick's Jacket

8x16: Jerry

Season 9

9x01: Motorbikes Rule, Horses Drool & The Pookie Zone

9x03: Keeping The Grimes Bloodline Going

9x09: Eugene's Confession

9x13: #Donnie's Love Notes

Enjoy, and keep an eye out for more.


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