Saturday 20 October 2012

Final Destination 5: Single Bill Mini Musings...

What's it about?
Fourth sequel in the long-running horror franchise where death uses devilishly inventive ways of picking off those who escape his deadly grasp. A bus load of young business folk are off on a team building weekend, but when one of their number forsees a disastrous bridge collapse, he and a handful of his colleagues escape their grisly fate ... for now.
Who would I recognise in it?
Emma Bell, Tony Todd, David Koechner, P.J. Byrne, Courtney B. Vance

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The third and fourth films were getting a bit tired in terms of plot - the same-old, same-old (another batch of kids learning what we knew in film one) - albeit while containing increasingly intricate and inventive sequences for gory death and destruction (including the element of 3D by part four, replicated here in part five). This entry however, goes against repetitive expectations - relatively speaking - and actually brings some fresh twists to the franchise, such as 'what if you killed someone else to take your place in death's plan?' Naturally in this sort of flick, the characterisation is quick and boils everything down to simple motivations or attitudes - the hero wants to be a Chef, the boss is a dickhead, one of their co-workers is a sleazeball - but where it shines are the death sequences. The gore comes frequently and with enough mis-direction and eye-opening (or gouging) surprise to keep you wincing and guessing in equal measure. Being that this is a Final Destination flick, there's bound to be a sting in the tail, and there's a bloody good one here - one that proved to be very impressive indeed. For the fifth movie in a blood-gushing franchise, you'd expect the returns to have decidedly diminished by now, and yet surprisingly enough the filmmakers have bucked the trend to deliver a worthy slice of ghoulish entertainment that brings new ideas and extremely talented tension-building to the table. Surprisingly solid and a lot of fun to boot - good.

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