Friday 22 February 2008

No videogames for you!!!

Well, you treat it like a king, panic at every noise, creak or whatever, and then it still fucks you up the wrong'un.

Two days ago I was merrily playing COD4, then the colours went all weird. Black & White with green and fuzzy patches of blue wobbling around. Then it fixed itself. The following day (yesterday) I go back and within 2 minutes it's up to that B&W&G&B rubbish again, I get pissed off and switch it off.

I go back a few hours later - nuh-uh - nothing now. No picture and no sound, but oddly no error colour coding around the power button...hmmm. Is it a defunct AV cable? Unlikely, it hasn't moved more than a few inches in 6 months. Is it the console? Worryingly it most likely is (same issue on three different TV's), but my console never gets hotter than 27 celcius after (for me) a long session, which is well within it's operating limits.

And might I add I got it in May 2007 ... it's now February 2008 ... wow, sturdy.

So I bite the bullet and walk the '360 mile' to the phone to give MS a bell. The process was relatively painless, but then a massive strike of irony pummeled Microsoft - their computers weren't working. 'Call back in 48 hours' ... *sigh*

You defend the 360, you defend Microsoft, you deny that terror in your gut, you leap and stare with panicked eyes at every noise it makes, you gasp when it has a data streaming error, you go slack-jawed when the tray gets stuck and won't open that one time ... then, despite all your defense and treating it in a royal fashion, you get kicked in the nuts and end up on your knees wailing at the heavens like Elias in Platoon.

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