Monday, 25 February 2008

Xbox360: The Empire Strikes Back...

Well, the 'dead box walking' has just been picked up much to my surprise. Here I am, sat in front of the Oscars (which I taped, so I can fast forward through Sky's incessant, no doubt smugly anti-American chat moments during the American advert breaks) and boom - a call from the courier saying he's five minutes away.

"I don't even have the sticker yet" I say - ah but he has the sticker.

So it seems that the folks on the phone over at Xbox360 MS central or whatever it's actually called, don't really know what they're on about from one person to another. One person says include the power brick, another says not to, one says include your reference number on paper inside the (annoyingly) plain brown box (who has a plain brown box the size of an Xbox360 hanging around?), the other says nothing about that at all.

They say the stickers will come by post in 3 to 5 days (saying this on Saturday afternoon), and boom - Monday afternoon and the sticker comes with the courier and whi-pow, my box is winging it's way towards being (hopefully!) fixed.

Let's hope the entire process is as swift and efficient as today, eh.

Now to twiddle my thumbs ... or play SWAT4 (excellent game) on the PC (go back to the old school, so-to-speak) or head over my mate's house where a brand new 360 has just landed...

Oh - and Rambo was fucking awesome, more on that to come later.

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