Friday 29 February 2008


Well, to round off February, wrap your lug'oles around a load of random chat clustered with a variety of swearing...yes the c-bomb was dropped, but in relation to Gordon Clown, so it's all good, ha!

Annoyingly however, for some reason it cut off the last 40 minutes - damn technology - it was 2 hours, so I guess it's something around 80 or 90 minutes now.

Anyway, Danny - aka The Underground Slacker - does these blogcasts from time-to-time, and so we decided to do one between ourselves - hence the Peter Kay referencing "T'intercast".

Get your horny selves over here to peep it:


1 comment:

Danny Smith said...

i felt a bit wrong for dropping a C bomb, its a much higher ordinance than an F bomb and thats usually my limit.