Saturday 23 February 2008

Xbox360: The Saga Continues...

Well, tried the Xbox360 help line again, and this time got the repair request through. Their computers are back in action after their fit of to wait for the stickers...then the courier to take my box...then wait for it to come back.

*touches a bunch of wood all over the place*

And hopefully shit will be sorted, I'll even get a little fan to sit behind it blowing cool air about.

However, looks as if that should I get a hankering for some 360 action, I can just nip over to my mate's gaff (where I went last night to check his brother's cable with my console to rule out a faulty AV lead) as he went out and dropped a sweet £300 on a full set-up...I think I smell a Gears of War co-op session coming on...

Ah well...these things happen I guess, I've gotten most of the theatrics and 'Elias' doing out of my system, acceptance has washed over me like a boost of heroin ... wait a minute, who put this creepy-ass needle in my arm?! Danny?!

But still...goddamnit Microsoft, build a console that fucking works properly and can handle gentle (and occasionally infrequent), no-more-than-27-celcius use! Geez! Luck of the draw I guess...but 33% failure rate? Daaaaaamn...methinks the next Xbox will be the very definition of technical stability.

Still though, I'm sticking with the 'SexBox369' as me and my fellow box followers like to call it...because when it's good, it's fookin' sweet.

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