Tuesday 5 February 2008

Never-fear, a title is here!

*I forgot to put a title when I first posted this, hence the title that is here...oooooh*

What's been up of late?

Well, I got "The End" finished and then proceeded to write a treatment for a short zombie spoof idea I had quite some time ago (like a good couple of years by now I think). Basically a spoof of Euro-Zombi films (as I call them). I had the idea long before "Grindhouse" was even announced, so forget thinking about it as a rip-off of that film ... although the trailer idea would be an easier way of doing it (and easier on the viewer), because the likes of "Oasis of the Zombies" aren't exactly gripping classics.

So with that treatment bashed out and filed away, I'm now getting cracking on a new showreel - specifically for YouTube - so that means starting from scratch completely. Rather than just disembodied clips for 10 minutes on a DVD like I had before, I'm taking clips and putting them to music in under 4 minutes, that's the plan. So I've been bashing away at severing clips from my various films and projects I've been involved with, colouring some and cropping them all to tidy it up a bit.

There's still a bunch more clips to chop out and process - then it's all got to be rendered - then it actually has to be edited ... and I'm still deciding on which song to use. Heck, I spent an hour or more last night just plowing through my WinAmp list to find the right song, which has the right vibe, which will fit all the clips ... a surprisingly tricky task.

Anyway, that's what's going on right now...also looking to apply to, or apply-to-apply to, a couple of things to see if anything happens there. One thing in particular is looking to become a freelance film reviewer, obviously I'd put more effort in than I do here - this is just a blog for which I'm not paid - but it'd certainly be a cool way to earn a bit of cash to help propel me forwards.

Hopefully "Contempt of Conscience" will be finished soon ... maybe George A. Romero will see it and say "hey, wow, look at the filming of that thing - hey let's get that guy over here!" ... ahhh, one can dream eh? :)

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