Thursday 5 November 2009

400th Post spectacular! - Script writing & Nerdgasms...

Well here we are, four hundred posts!

To mark the occasion, I thought I'd talk a little bit about that script for "Generation Procrastination" (or "GenPro" for short), originally titled "Holiday" (during the planning stages anyway).

"GenPro" was likewise a working title, and I've always wanted a new title - preferably just one word, which suited the content - and recently I figured I'd re-name it "Zero". It was the bit in Land of the Dead, when the skater kid's "Zero" branded skateboard falls into the river. Something clicked immediately between that word, and this particular script - there was simply a click.

To cement the decision, the Smashing Pumpkins song of the same name very soon came up on my MP3 song list, and I decided it was a much more suitable title than what had come before.

I had recently been doing some work on it, what I now called "Draft 2.1", and I found myself making a lot of changes, really building on what was already there (including a net increase of 10 pages - nevermind all the fettling I did, which would no doubt mean 20 pages of totally new material throughout), and bringing the script up to my 2009 standard of script writing in the process.

Today, well technically yesterday, I began on "Draft 2.2" and it is this draft that I will be seeking to ultimately register and then submit to the BBC Writer's Room (with whom I've already established contact).


So yeah - script writing is back on the agenda once again after a few weeks away to let it breathe and for new ideas and clarifying elements to present themselves to my notepad.


Finally, as a little sign-off to this 400th post, I popped in Ghostbusters for Xbox360 today (it arrived yesterday, but I was just finished off GTA: Lost & Damned), and might I say that first impressions are very good. Even if the game isn't A+ material in the end, the sheer tidal wave of nostalgia and fan-gasms cemented this as a classic in my mind long ago. From the Columbia Pictures logo till shutting off the console after my first session, I had a smile literally from ear-to-ear.

As a kid I wanted to not only be an Architect, but a ghost buster too - and now here's my chance!

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