Thursday 19 November 2009

"Zero" - okay, so the re-drafting isn't quite done...

The goal for some time has been to submit this script to the BBC Writer's Room. I've just been pouring over the myriad of guidelines, requirements and FAQs on their site and I'm thinking the first 10 pages need improving.

I had worried about the first 10 pages initially anyway, but was determined to (I think wisely) re-draft the whole thing in it's own vacuum. By which I mean, re-draft the script according to what it is and how it should be. Only after that, would I complicate things further by bringing it outside requirements.

Fortunately I meet the requirements just fine, but seeing as the first step is someone deciding to keep going or return your script after 10 pages, I'd better make those 10 pages as blinding as possible.

There's also an oddness about one aspect of their submission guidelines. You aren't allowed to submit, so it seems, a plot and character outline with your script - now to me, it would make complete sense to submit such a document (only a page of text) with your script. However, that doesn't seem to be the case, so the need to make the first 10 pages blinding is ramped up further - then add in that you've got about 10,000 competitors to deal with (covering all five categories that cover comedy and drama across film, TV and radio), and these first 10 pages are going to become a mountain to climb in themselves.

So it's a case of how do I make these first 10 pages really stand out. To summarise the entire plot and characterisation of the whole damn script - in 10 pages ... never let it be said that I'm not up to this challenge, but a challenge it most certainly is, and will be for all the submitting writers.

Time to get the game face on, the competitor hat wedged on the old noggin, and to think like Rocky Balboa...

More updates on the "Zero" script as-and-when...

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