Thursday 26 November 2009

"Doing Our Bit" - feedback...

I've been meaning to blog about recent feedback to this film and "Skinner" for a while now, so I'll blog about the response to the latter in due course. For now though, here's some of the responses we got to "Doing Our Bit" - the entry for the 1 Minute To Save The Earth competition.

"Nic’s film, I thought, is very good, straight to the point. So pay attention everyone!"

"Great film.. Some good tips in there. Short and to the point."

"Catchy, simple and memorable. Just what’s needed."

"Like it too. It’s not rocket science - it’s common sense and we can all take heed and do it."

"Love the soundtrack - helps get the message across - that doing our bit isnt boring! Lets cut the crap and just do it…you, me, everybody. Thats what this film says to me. Yes. Bring it on…"

"Simple and effective."

"Little things matter - times 60 million (uk population) they are no longer little - times a billion or more, (population of the west) they become enormous."

"Stand out job, Nick & Co. Looking forward to your next project!"

"Cracking video joe and nick- food for thought for all of us."


As for the competition, unfortunately we didn't make it into the short list - which was supposed to be 20 videos (15 chosen by judges, 5 chosen by votes) but inexplicably the short list, when it went up online, was 27 videos. There seems to have been some controversy from some of the entrants over which videos got picked and why, and then even more inexplicably, long after the deadline a further 5 videos were added to the short list making it a short list (that was supposed to be 20 videos) of 32.

Naturally you can only be disheartened when you don't make it, but regardless of the methodology used to pick the videos, as well as the rather strange ignorance of the short list size as set out in the Terms & Conditions, I feel we made a cracking little video with a good, solid, positive and constructive message that set itself apart from many of the videos submitted in its own way (disclaimer - that's not me dissing other people's videos).

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