Friday 13 November 2009

Wet 'n' Wild Radio Podcast #4 (November 2009)...

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It's been a couple of months since the last WNWR Show, as talked about previously on the DeadShed blog here:

So good news, there's a new episode of the podcast in town. It's another beastly entry at a sizeable, but never dull, two hours featuring Gary Ugarek - the writer/director (and about 103 other things) of the Deadlands movies - and Brian Wright, who has likewise been involved in the Deadlands movies in various capacities from producer to photographer to one of the key roles that is the music ... and indeed, he's the kind chap who has done a bunch of free music for me that I've used in various shorts I've put together (e.g. Skinner, which was talked about in WNWR#3, Signing Off, VHS-2 and so on - I've even used a couple of his tracks in the Gaia & Genesis DVD).

As before, these guys make for rambunctious listening, and Gary in particular is (as always) characteristically up-front telling it like it is. The guys wax lyrical, and honestly, about a variety of things this episode, including a whole bunch of background information on the trials and tribulations of getting Deadlands 2 out there on DVD (via Anthem Pictures, Amazon, and a bunch of other stockists - check out to find out more about the DVD and where to get your bloody paws on it.

It's also good to hear that Deadlands 2 on DVD is doing very well, and yes indeed there is a Deadlands 3 planned - matters relating to which we also get to hear about from Gary in his typically head-on style.

Another interesting topic of conversation revolves around Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. Now in a previous episode Brian remarked that he wasn't too keen on the former from what he'd seen, but I'm pleased to hear he's definitely now a fan of it. Indeed, while Gary was much more open to the film from the off, his initial thoughts weren't stellar - however, having seen it more than half a dozen times already, he's now brazenly placed it in his Top Five ahead of Shaun of the Dead ... that's right, ahead of Shaun of the Dead.

Naturally (and quite sensibly in my view), Brian is perplexed by this and the duo get into an entertaining and perhaps even thoughtful (certainly in a genre fan way) about the two films.

I have to say that, personally, Shaun wins out over Zombieland. The latter may be really entertaining, but Shaun is simply the better film in all respects. It's got shamblers, not runners ... it's written by folk who are well versed in the zombie genre (unlike Zombieland, I was a bit bummed to hear) ... it's structurally a really good script ... it's got that British sensibility (American zombie films are, like Italian zed flicks, dime-a-dozen with a handful of outstanding entries) ... as Brian says it's from the trifecta that is Pegg/Wright/Frost ... it's seriously funny throughout, and yet painfully emotional in pitch perfect scenes like when Shaun has to deal with the immediate death of his mother ... it's got a well-honed style that flows throughout the movie effortlessly ... the zombies kick ass, the situation does become really quite horrifying at times, the editing is crisp, the performances are spot-on, and the theme of moving from your 20s to your 30s and what the consequences are, are perfectly distilled through the filter of a zombie apocalypse.


Plus, Shaun of the Dead doesn't put some really stupid character decisions into the script, unlike Zombieland which does have some really, unbelievably stupid moments.

That said, as you'll know from my musings on Zombieland, I still loved it - that movie survives its flaws and becomes a kick ass slab of fun, with genuine moments of real emotion, and also the ability to (more than once) wrong-foot the audience with some perfectly executed scenes (you'll know the ones I mean, and indeed one such scene is referenced by Brian during the debate).

However, whereas Zombieland is the delicious cheese burger that really hit your spot, Shaun is like a finely cooked roast dinner prepared by your own mother ... this analogy only works if your mother is a good cook, though, but you know what I mean.

There's no contest.


So yeah, another spiffing WNWR podcast, and I'm looking forward to the next episode!

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