Tuesday 27 November 2012

Badass Glenn, Sleeves, Duct Tape and Good Times: The Walking Dead 3x07 memes...

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Tensions are running high in the world of The Walking Dead with just the mid-season finale left to go, but before we get to what is sure to be a thrilling mid-season conclusion, let's dig into some memes for "When The Dead Come Knocking".

The 'clean' version.

Click "READ MORE" below to go sleeveless, use duct tape as armour, reminisce, and see alternatives...

Remember when:

Carl: Not a fan of houses, but prisons he's more fond of.

Glenn The Undead Arse Kicker:

FYI, Glenn was a Pizza Delivery Guy before the apocalypse.


Who needs correct grammar when you're going sleeveless?

Duct Tape:

A duct tape suit would be the ideal zombie apocalypse fashion item.

Alternative Versions:

The 'salty language' version.

The 'banner' style version.

If you've still not had your fill of Walking Dead memes, you can also visit the Laughing Dead Facebook page (I see a few of mine have been shared there as well).

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