Friday, 30 November 2012

Flavours of the Month: November 2012...


The Cabin in the Woods (Blu-Ray) - Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's love/hate letter to the horror genre. It isn't a game changer, despite the hype, but it's a damn fun time for genre nerds with a solid compliment of extras on the Blu-Ray (which is now fully functional after numerous reports of technical glitches for some viewers when it was originally released on disc).

Married With Children: Season 7 - ten years ago I went off to university and so, not having Sky at my disposal anymore, I wasn't able to keep up with this sitcom on the Paramount Comedy Channel (now known as Comedy Central), so beyond the first two episodes of the seventh season, it's all brand new to me. I wasn't planning on waiting a decade to resume my perusal of the Bundy back catalogue, but that's how it turned out. I do have the remaining four seasons all lined up and ready to go though - in fact I'm barging through season 8 already.

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The Walking Dead - well, of course. It's my number one obsession. You should know that by now. Suffice to say, with just the mid-season finale to go until we have a break, season three has been bloody fantastic thus far.

Dinner For Five - as far as I'm aware, this dinner-based round table discussion with famous folks from the entertainment industry (oftentimes actors), as hosted by Jon Favreau, never aired in the UK. Fortunately someone uploaded all the seasons to YouTube and I've been cherry-picking my way through them. Fascinating and uproarious in equal measure.


Adele "Skyfall" - the theme tune to Bond's 50th anniversary film Skyfall. The film kicked arse, and so does the theme tune.

Alice Cooper Live - Sky Arts showed a couple of live concerts for Halloween. There was last year's "Halloween Night of Fear" again, as well as 1975's "Welcome To My Nightmare".

"Alan Wake" original score by Petri Alanko - great game, great soundtrack.

Rob Zombie "Hellbilly Deluxe 2" - looking forward to a new album, too.


Rust Repair - my car has been exhibiting some increasingly bubbly rust patches around the rear wing arches, so in that time-honoured fashion of fathers and sons working on a car together, we set about stripping away the flaking paintwork and rust, and repainting the affected area. We'd never done rust repair before, and obviously it's not a professional job by any means, and lessons were learned for the second rusted wing we repaired, but it looks a damn sight better than unsightly patches of brown rust against white paint. From a distance you wouldn't know the difference.

"The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor" Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga - apparently the story outline is by Kirkman (a very busy man indeed), and the text itself is by Bonansinga. The prose could do with some improvements in certain areas, but thus far my obsession with all things Walking Dead is continuing unabated. I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm digging it.

The Walking Dead: The Game (Episode 5) - this 'interactive movie' point & click style adventure game from Tell Tale Games has been excellent. Well-written characters, impossible choices, genuine WTF moments, and real emotion in the mix. A strong climax to the first 'season' of the game - apparently there will be a second season, so that's great news. No spoilers, but the climax of this 'season' was an emotional one. Memorable stuff with great performances.

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