Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"From The Inside Out" continues apace...

Slowly but surely I'm getting there - where is there? - the end of my latest script, is where there is ... you see?

Anyway - last night I finished the first draft of Act II of the script - so now I go back over Act II, polish it up, and then do Act III - which will also get polished, and then it'll be finished.

Methinks Act III won't take a huge amount of time to write, especially as the action (so-to-speak) kicks up a gear in the final act - indeed in the last 10 pages of Act II, the action kicked off again (as it had done at intervals throughout) so my fingers started dancing across the keyboard - thus making for faster writing.

The faster the action on the page, the faster I write, and with the right music in the background, it can really get the creative juices flowing - and indeed that was what it was like last night. So here's hoping for continued grooviness in the writing arena ... once it's done I'll be into pimp-the-treatment mode.

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