Thursday 23 April 2009

Crank 2...

The original Crank was a pretty crazy film with a fairly relentless pace - but Crank 2 is truly crazy, and truly relentless - it's almost exhausting ... almost. 90 minutes of pure, adrenaline-obsessed action fury - essentially, the most ideal flick for a bunch of lads to go and see at the cinema, which is exactly what I did with my mates, who all thoroughly enjoyed it.

What confused all of us though, were the procession of numpties who insisted on escaping the cinema as soon as the movie cut to the credits - despite a series of clips, which wrap up the plot to the whole movie, that sprung up within seconds. Why pay to see a movie and then deliberately walk out as the final moments are still playing - it's stupid - plus it's fucking annoying when some stupid bastards decide to then stop RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ROW WHERE WE'RE SITTING, thus blocking our view with their eager-to-sod-off bodies like the right mess of rude shits that they are.

Anyway - aye, it was a top flick and I'd rather fancy seeing a third - Crank 2 was at least equal to Crank, so hopefully that's a good omen for a Crank 3, which would make for a far better action franchise to Statham than the 'one was cool, two were shite' Transporter series.

Over-the-top barely describes Crank 2, but put simply - Crank 2 is like Crank, but it goes far further in all respects and is literally non-stop, full-on entertainment.

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