Wednesday 15 April 2009

Script and Editing update-o-rama...

"From The Inside Out" is still going well, it's now on page 45 if memory serves, and I found another couple of small and related plotholes ... I know, more plotholes, but as I'd said a while back, this script is a bit looser - "The End" had lots of planning, and therefore bugger all plotholes that I could find while most I just clarified the odd thing.

But with "FTIO", it's far less pre-planned, so it's a lot more free-form as I'm writing it. Fortunately, the small plotholes I come across are just that - and I have plenty of room to move to fix them - but they really are small things, solved with a couple of lines here, or a few words of dialogue in-or-out here-or-there.

So aye - the script writing is going well - once it's done, the plan is to put together a pitch/treatment and post it off to a few companies here in the UK who have recently put out low budget horror movies.


Anyway - editing wise, it's going well - as I've said before, I'm currently working on an educational DVD about the environment. The editing of the first film (to be tackled, not the first in sequence) is going well, nice and organised and I've been able to have more room to move around and try things, and indeed choose ideas, in the edit due to the increased organisation and efficiency on this project - so it's all good - in fact, I think it's coming out better than the last DVD, and that one has been well received, so that's all good too.

Another good thing is, once I've done another session of editing, this first film to be tackled will be mostly complete (bar credits, music, and title touch-ups for example).

Anyway - consider yourself updated.

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