Tuesday 28 April 2009

I Love You, Man...

It's got Paul Rudd, Jason Siegel and a plot about bromance - what's to go wrong? Nothing in fact, it's all rather enjoyable - though perhaps they could have gone further with the bromance side of the plot (maybe they will in an extended cut - and hopefully they do).

Jason Siegel (who I'm still astounded was only just reaching adulthood when he was on-screen in the excellent, but short-lived, Freaks & Geeks) plays a loveably entertaining Venice Beach slacker to contrast Paul Rudd's decent good guy with a distinct lack of male chums. The film is often at its best when they pair up (as they briefly did in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which Rudd played the surfing instructor).

Not much to say about it really - it's a solid good laugh throughout, with engaging comedic characters (both primary and secondary), and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing an extended cut with added bromantics.

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