Thursday 9 April 2009

Script update...

So - how's "From The Inside Out" going?

Quite well actually. The first act is totally done, which is nice, and I'm thoroughly into Act II after having a good spurt with it over the last couple of days, clocking up about 17 pages.

I'm staying true to what I was intending to do with it from the odd, but I'm also enjoying the ability to write this one looser than my previous script writing project - my zombie epic "The End", which was planned to quite a level of detail - so that's fun.

However, in these last couple of sessions writing, I did find myself with a handful of plot holes that I had to fix - I think it's certainly of use that I'm "one of those internet forum people", as I have spent a fair bit of my free time over the years debating movies to the nth degree and focussing on small issues in detailed ways ... so, said attention to detail, helps me in my writing - I turn on "forum mode" and dig out inconsistencies and lay down "now wait a minute, how come..." pipe ... ... and then I sort things out when "writing mode" is re-engaged.

Anyway - the plot holes were fixed with a few lines of dialogue added or taken away, or indeed clarified, as well as changing very small things in some of the "action" (description).


But now I'm back into "educational DVD mode", and am heavily into the editing process on the first (to be tackled, anyway) film of this new one about the environment (from a more theological stand point) ... speaking of which, I was barging some of the editing today and it's coming out nicely so far, which is good - so *touch wood* it continues as such.

There's a lot of prep work to be done to get the vast array of footage gathered and ready to be used, the voice overs edited, the script prepared (i.e. me plastering my notes all over it), doing anything special to any images that are required, doing any required composites and so on ... but once all that leg work is done, you can just barge on with the piecing together of the actual film without having to be stopping to get another something ready - basically I like to organise into chronological task chunks ... that's my style, baby.

Anyway - AVGN episodes here I come!

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